Result Description
Result Description

Laboratory Animals


At the center pure bred Wistar and Sprague-Dawley rats and Balb c mice are bred from licensed breeders.


Pigs used for educational purposes in our university and breeds of mice and rats requested by researchers and which are not produced at the center can be procured from legal breeders and suppliers deemed appropriate by the administration.


The maintenance and welfare of the experimental animals in the center is carried out by considering the highest standards. All animals live in IVC (Individually Ventilated Cages) cages, the temperature, humidity and air circulation inside the cage are arranged and monitored electronically. In the center, the light / dark period is set to 12/12 hours. Compressed and shaped feeds are used in the so-called "pellet" form, where nutrient standards are appropriate for mice and rats, and cage changes are made at least three times a week.

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