Result Description
Result Description


  Acıbadem Mehmet Ali Aydınlar University Laboratory Animal Application and Research Center which occupies a 700 square metre area in the Acıbadem University Kerem Aydınlar Campus, has been established to breed and care for laboratory animals with the most advanced technology and in accordance with the international ethical standards, and to enable the use of laboratory animals in the fully equipped laboratories for both scientific and educational purposes. The Center has obtained operating permission from the Republic of Turkey, Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry for being “a producer, user and supplier for rats, mice and pigs” on 24.01.2014 with the number 097.
  In the Laboratory Animal Application and Research Center, a developed infrastructure and technical support is offered for postgraduate students to carry out their research and their thesis, and for teaching staff and personnel to carry out their scientific studies. Courses and conferences to be held within the Center is important for the scientific development of students and young academicians just starting out working with laboratory animals. In addition, experiments aimed at undergraduate and post graduate level education offer the opportunity to reinforce theoretical knowledge.
  Mice and rat breeding is carried out at the Centre. Laboratory animals are obtained from pure bred licensed breeds procured from abroad. Animals are carried in and out through HEPA filter Laminar Air Flow cabinets and the are admitted to the Center following a quarantine period. All animals are housed in IVC (Individually Ventilated Cages) cages and thus are completely isolated from their environment. In this way, the welfare of animals is being kept at the highest level, cross contamination between animals is prevented, and the reliability of the research is enhanced through keeping medium parameters under control.
  Security for the centre is ensured with authorized access, and therefore entry of unauthorized people is prevented. Air shower cabinets keep the contamination risk on entry and exit at a minimum level. The laboratories inside the Center work on an appointment system. Technical support and consultancy services are offered to the researchers by qualified personnel experienced in laboratory animals. The instruments and equipment located in the laboratory are prepared for experiments using appropriate methods in disinfection and sterilization units. Five laboratories with specific hardware for their particular areas have been made available for the use of researchers. These are Behavior & Pain Research Lab, Neurovascular Research Lab, Electrophysiology Research Lab, Cardiovascular Research Lab and Transgenic Animal Research and Bisafety Lab. All laboratories come with the most advanced technology equipment and enable the conduct of very comprehensive research.​

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