M. Cengiz Yakıcıer

Fen-Edebiyat Fakültesi Moleküler Biyoloji ve Genetik Bölüm Başkanı
Dr. M. Cengiz YAKICIER is graduated from İstanbul University Cerrahpaşa Medical School. He completed his residency in Lyon I University Medical School, Department of Nuclear Medicine in 1994. He received his PhD degree in molecular biology and genetics from University Lyon I in 2000. He worked as postdoctoral research fellow at the Massachusettes General Hospital, Harvard University, Boston, USA, INSERM U434 Paris, France and subsequently at the faculty of Science of Bilkent University as an assistant professor. In 2010 he joined Dept. of Medical Biology at ACIBADEM University as Associate Professor, he has been additionally responsible for the ACIBADEM Genetic Diagnosis Center. In 2013 he became Professor and appointed as founder Dean of ACIBADEM University Faculty of Arts and Sciences. ​  
Doctorate University Lyon I France
Master's Degree University Lyon I France
Undergraduate Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical School
High School Bursa Erkek Lisesi
His main research interest is cancer molecular genetics and reproductive genetics. His group is also involved in projects aimed at the identification of certain key human disease genes, as well as in the development of new approaches for the threatment of these diseases.​  
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