İrfan Güney

Meslek Yüksekokulu Biyomedikal Cihaz Teknolojisi
İrfan Güney graduated from Yıldız Technical University Engineering Faculty Electrical Engineering Department then he completed his MSc at İstanbul Technical University. While working as engineer at Turkish Electricity Authority he completed his PHd at Marmara University then he joined to Marmara University. He had been in USA and UK for World Bank Universtiy Industry Project. Mechatronic Laborotory which was supported by State Planning Organization was established by his authority
Doctorate Marmara University
Master's Degree İstanbul Technical Universtiy
Undergraduate Yıldız Technical Universty
High School Pendik Lisesi
Electrical Power Systems, High Voltage Transmission And Distribution Lines, Power System Analysis,Optimization Techniques of Power Systems
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