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İnci User M.D., Prof.

The Department of Sociology of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Acıbadem University opened in the 2016-2017 academic year. The course program is compatible with the sociology courses offered at other universities in Turkey and in Western countries. Much importance is placed on this compatibility in order for students, particularly post-graduate students, not to encounter any obstacles in their education. The program is taught in English which is advantageous for students who wish to participate in student exchange possibilities. Additionally, it helps students benefit from world literature and to undertake their post-graduate studies abroad should they wish to do so.

Sociology is a member of the social sciences family. In order for students to truly grasp the concept of sociology, they need to be familiar with the relation between sociology and social sciences, the common and different ground, and the opportunities for collaboration. The department offers compulsory and elective lessons in all the fields of social sciences in order to meet this requirement.

Each year, students are offered a comprehensive range of compulsory and elective lessons which guides research knowledge and experience. It is aimed for students to have a full comprehension of the methodology of social sciences, to learn research techniques and ethics, and to develop the conduct and skills required for field study. With the support of the academic staff, students are encouraged to carry out research in a variety of societal settings, to participate in congresses and similar events.

Sociology education does not include a mandatory period of internship; however, voluntary internships for students to familiarize themselves with a variety of fields of work are encouraged and supported. It is highly regarded for students to explore the opportunities available to them while working as a sociologist particularly in health institutions, social work and non-profit organizations.

A unique aspect of the department is that students are offered a wide range of elective courses and research opportunities in order for them to become fully acquainted with social sciences and, in particular, with health sociology. The field of health social sciences is an area of research and practice which has developed rapidly since the 1980s. Acıbadem University also supports the development of this field. It is desired for the students to take their place as young trailblazers in the development of the field in Turkey.

Sociology education can be considered a process which increases sensitivity to social, cultural and humanitarian facts. This department is committed to training young people who are sensitive to the country in which they live, the world, who are knowledgeable, intellectual and responsible.

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