The opening of the “Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics” at our university will serve to increase Turkey’s international recognition and its knowledge in this field. The department will also contribute to bridge the human resource gap for competent, qualified people in the national healthcare sector. The distinctive feature of the department is that in addition to the opportunities for scientific research, it predominantly supports the facilities of clinical practices therefore enabling students to benefit from the facilities of both Acıbadem University and Acıbadem Healthcare Group. The state of the art laboratory facilities and physical infrastructure enables us to conduct prominent research at a global level, particularly in the field of healthcare. Students who complete their education will be qualified to work as researchers in corporations and private institutions such as universities and research centers. They will be competent to work in diagnosis and treatment centers of genetic diseases and schools of medicine as well as fields which require biotechnology such as food and agriculture, and many laboratories including transgenic animal breeding.

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