Dear ACUPEP (Intermediate Level Starter) Students

Below please find your Fall 2020 GPA's. If your GPA is 2.5 and above, you can take the Fall 2020 ACEPT on Jan 18-19 2021.

I will shortly send you a form to fill in and send to to be able to take the ACEPT.

ACEPT reminders:

  • ACEPT is a test designed to assess 4 language skills as well as use of English.
  • You need to have an overall 70 to be able to pass the test.
    1. Step: Writing / Reading Comprehension/ Use Of English / Listening Comprehension
  • If you get a 70 and above in the writing part, 2. Step: Speaking
  • If you get a 70 and above in the speaking part, a 70 in the writing part and your overall score with Speaking-Writing and the multiple choice part is minimum 70, you pass the test and successfully complete ACUPEP.
  • For ACEPT sample, please visit:
  • Fall 2020 ACEPT will be administered online.
  • When you pass ACEPT, you will be an irregular student in your departments. Please consult your department professors as to which courses you will be offered in your irregular freshman semester.
  • If you prefer not to take the ACEPT despite having a 2.5+ GPA, you will be offered ACUPEP courses at Upper-Intermediate level.
  • If you take the ACEPT and pass it, you may waive your passing score and go on your studies in ACUPEP and take the Spring ACEPT again if you wish.
  • If you want to take the ACEPT, you have to fill in the form from the link below by January 15 2021, 10.00 am the latest.

You will be sent the detailed schedule shortly.

Good luck.

Zeynep OĞUL

Son güncelleme tarihi: 13/01/2021
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