Result Description
Result Description


  Our aim at Acıbadem University, School of Medicine is to train our students in accordance with the highest professional standards providing a broad range of scientific knowledge, practical and behavioral skills which will translate into high quality patient care and high level of scientific curiosity enabling him/her to make scientific research.

  The physician at our focus is creative, competent and capable to collaborate with his/her colleagues and subordinates in order to provide the best health care at the institutional and global level. The student will learn how to learn and where to find the information when needed.

  We aim to accomplish this goal by continuous medical education and self development that would assure the delivery of high quality medicine.

  In this context, every graduate from our medical school shall be able to:

  • Provide a high standard medical care to the patients (obtain an accurate medical history, perform physical examination, implement diagnostic interventions and evidence-based treatment protocols).
  • Provide efficient care in medical emergencies.
  • Apply biomedical, social/behavioral science principles, scientific knowledge and method to the practice of medicine.
  • Apply public health principles and methods to protect and promote the health of individuals and community.
  • Recognize the health problems of his/ her country and global health issues.
  • Analyze the social determinants of health, distinct social, economical and cultural factors which might affect health conditions.
  • Respect patient rights; their dignity, autonomy, integrity and confidentiality.
  • Apply the universal human rights principles to medical practice.
  • Adhere strictly to ethical principles and legal rules in his/her clinical practice and research activities.
  • Display effective oral and written communication skills with patients and colleagues in a medical context.
  • Formulate and apply a medical research.
  • Use information technology effectively in medical practice.

  Our mission

  To create the physician, while who provides the best healthcare, is also committed to integrity, taking lifelong responsibility, mentoring and philanthropy.

  Our vision

  To be rated among the top medical schools in Europe with a nationally and internationally accredited education program reached the high universal standards.

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