Result Description
Result Description

2017-2018 Academic Year Foreign Students Admissions

2017-2018 Academic Year Foreign Students Admissions  

(Registration 20-28 July 2016) 


Students who have been admitted for the programs taught in English : 19 July 201710:00-12:00 / A 109 

Students who have been admitted for the programs taught in Turkish: 19 July 2017, 10:00-11:00 / A 106 

REGISTRATION CALENDAR                                                                               

Official application and tuition payment:  20 July 2017 - 28 July 2017


 2017-2018 Academic Year Foreign Student Application Results


School of Medicine (English)


·         Arshiya Abbaszadeh

·         Aslı Çivicik

·         Ayşe Gülşah Kaya

·      Belkıs Irem Abdulbaki Mecit

·         Berkay Alain Dolunay

·         Chasan Ismail Basa

·         Çağla Abbasoğlu

·         Çağla Hamide Solman

·         Fatma Nur Yıldız

·         Haya Aldeeck

·         Ilyayda Esma Yavuz

·         Jameela Somanje

·         Laura Andrushchenko

·         Melisa Özbayrakçı

·         Nilsu Güvençer

·         Rozerin Hazal Koçaklı

·         Sumru Coşkun

·         Yiğitcan Sağlam


·         Ayten Atulgan

·         Başak Akharman

·         Fatma Aylin Sarykaya

·         Lailah Ahmed Wagdy Aly  Shahin


Faculty of Health Sciences


·         Afra Turgut: Nutrition and Dietetics

·         Selin Bayram: Nutrition and Dietetics


Faculty of Art and Sciences


·         Öykü Elham Vurgun: Molecular Biology and Genetics (English)

·         Selin Bayram: Molecular Biology and Genetics (English)

·         Afra Turgut: Psychology

·         Öykü Elham Vurgun: Sociology (English)


·         Lailah Ahmed Wagdy Aly Shahin : Psychology

Faculty of Pharmacy (English )


·         Asya Shishman

·         Nevra Altın

·         Öykü Elham Vurgun

·         Selin Bayram


·         Lailah Ahmed Wagdy Aly Shahin

Faculty of Engineering


·         Öykü Elham Vurgun: Medical Engineering (English)


 Vocational School of Health Sciences


·         Lailah Ahmed Wagdy Aly Shahin : Psikoloji / Psychology


Required Documents for Registration

The following application documents must be submitted within the registration dates. Students who fail to complete the application process forfeit their right to education at Acıbadem University.

  1. Original copy of exam results,
  2. High school diploma and certified translation in Turkish or English,
  3. Equivalency certificate of a high school diploma issued by the Turkish Republic Ministry of Education or relevant Turkish Embassy must also be submitted,
  4. Original transcript (if an approved copy is submitted),
  5. 6 portrait photographs (including name and surname written on reverse side, 4,5× 6cm size, taken during last 6 months and easily recognizable ),
  6. Passport page that includes photo and identity information and student's visa page (Visa may be obtained from the Turkish Embassy in students' country of origin by submitting an acceptance letter,),
  7. Receipt of tuition fee from the bank,
  8. TÖMER document at  C1 level for  all universities and Yunus Emre Institute for Turkish educational programme. Students' Turkish proficiency is assessed by the university for English educational programmes or all universities' TÖMER certificate at B2 level is valid.



Note: Students should obtain General Health Insurance (GHI) by applying to the  Istanbul Provincial Directorate of the Social Security Institution/ Kadıköy Social Security Center within three months following the starting date of the course. Foreign students' general health insurance cannot be registered again in their education period if they do not apply within this three-month period.

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